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We are a CLOSED district program, open only to District 301 families.  We offer a low cost, high level travel program.  The goal is to keep district 301 kids together from now through high school.

What is the difference between Travel Baseball and IHTT Travel Baseball?
Travel Baseball - A full-time team that begins practices in January and plays games through July. Our travel teams usually play in a travel league that plays games Monday through Thursday and will also play weekend tournaments throughout the surrounding area and potentially, out-of-state. 

IHTT- A in house travel team assembled from in-house players.  The  team will begin practices in January and play games on Sundays during the season with 4 tournaments selected by the tarvel coordinator.  IHTT teams and in-house teams never conflict, so you could think of it as adding one more game a week during the season or a tournament on a bye weekend. It is a great opportunity for our kids to play in-house baseball but also be involved in a travel-type team. The season ends end of July and IHTT will compete in four weekend tournaments


Travel/IHTT Team Info & Tryout Dates

Please register here for the our 2021 Travel and IHTT Travel Tryouts.  Players are required to register to be considered for a Travel or IHTT Travel team – even if unable to make the tryout.  Players who DO NOT attend the tryout will still be eligible as coach’s picks.  Players who attend the tryout are eligible as automatic selections based on their tryout evaluation skills. 

Link to registration

Our tryout dates will be Late September for 2021. 

League age for 2021

League Age

If Birthday Is Between


Going into 2nd Grade


Going into 3rd grade


Going into 4th Grade


Going into 5th Grade


Going into 6th Grade


Going into 7th Grade


Going into 8th Grade


**** Please note a $25 late fee will be applied after July 22nd ****

**** Please note a $275 deposit will be required at time of registration.  If selected to a team, the $275 deposit will be applied to your fees.  If not selected, the deposit will be refunded.  If selected, but turned down, the deposit will not be refunded. ****

Interested participants should arrive at their designated field at least 30 minutes prior to tryouts for check in and warm up. Participants must be in a complete baseball uniform including cleats, protective devices, glove and bat.

Note #1: Players may choose to try out for more than one age level or for IHTT Baseball and Travel baseball.

Note #2: There may be a high level of interest at having multiple teams at certain levels.  CDBL will evaluate this ONLY if interest is shown by our community.

If you have any questions regarding the travel program, teams, tryouts or are interested in trying out but are unable to make the above tryout date, please contact our Travel Coordinator, Dave Binz, .

Thank you,
CDBL Board

**If you know someone that recently moved to the area or is not currently a member of CDBL and lives within the boundaries of Central School District 301, please pass this information on to them.